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Performance - the crucial factor.

Performance - the crucial factor

Web applications are becoming more and more popular and increasingly taking the place of traditional systems. At the same time, the expectations of internal and external users are rising and requirements of B2C are being transferred to B2B. This presents new challenges for companies. Unless applications and portals perform sufficiently well, this can quickly lead to frustration. With that in mind, it is no wonder that the performance of web applications has become an essential success factor and is increasingly focused upon.

The basic requirements for optimising web performance are inventory and monitoring aspects. In order to achieve this, a variety of media and devices need to be considered, factors relevant to the customer examined and the impact on the success of business understood.

For this reason, iteratec GmbH has developed a tool for Performance Measurement: the OpenSpeedMonitor!


Realistic Measurements

  • Real hardware
  • Real browser
  • Real connection speeds

Detailed and Comprehensible

  • All page timings
  • All resources (timings, headers, sizes)
  • Alternatively displayed as screenshots, waterfall, filmstrips

Continuous Measurement

  • Jobs for periodic measurement
  • Control via cron expressions
  • Extensive parametrisation

Customer Journeys

  • Runs complete customer journeys
  • Realistic browser caching
  • Efficient use of measurement agents

Trend and Market Analyses

  • Collection of all measurements 
  • Presentation as time series
  • Competitor analysis and benchmarks 

Key Performance Indicators

  • Representation of data based on business indicators: CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index)
  • Thousands of measurements get aggregated into meeningful indicators

Demo and further information

Customer satisfaction matters

OpenSpeed​​Monitor is built upon Google's WebPagetest Tool.  It enables automated and flexible analysis of loading times - even for complex applications. Our built-in multistep and scripting support makes it easy to measure and analyze complete customer journeys.
A unique feature of OpenSpeedMonitor is its ability to calculate meaningful business metrics from your measurements.

The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) for example represents the overall percentage of customers that are satisfied with your page load time. Different e-commerce and web applications are already successfully using OpenSpeedMonitor. It's ideal for medium and large companies, for quick checks and long-term solutions.

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